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War is Obsolete

by John

Over 30 years ago a group named Beyond War, based in Palo Alto, California, began to look into the institution of war. The prevailing sentiment, as the Cold War threatened all life on earth, was that war - all war - had become obsolete.

Now, over three decades later, we have ZERO global agreement to the validity of this meme which was universally agreed upon by over 40,000 concerned citizens worldwide.

What is the problem? Why has this survival meme been lost in the global dialogue?

We certainly have boxed ourselves into a nasty corner, and now, with Syria a central point of conflict, face the renewed escalation of war across the globe.

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Oct 02, 2015
Beyond War
by: John

The Beyond War movement is still active, though operating in another state. I think this is important because it means that this meme - that war is obsolete, has survived the ages and is still active on Earth.

Now if we could just get a greater critical mass of thinkers - and actors, to make this concept a reality.

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