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The Hero's Journey

by John
(Mountain View, Ca)

Dr. Burch

Dr. Burch

As each of us navigates our life process, and struggles with the various ordeals which confront us, it is instructive, I think, to remember that the spiritual path is a "via negativa" - meaning that the source of wisdom, compassion and meaning to life often starts with loss, grief and disillusionment.

Without some penetration from the dark side, there can be no light.

So, as we watch the refugee crisis in Syria, or see someone we love injured or treated unfairly, we need to remember that each loss carries with it an opposite and potentially greater gain.

And, Lord knows, we need all the gain we can get.

Maybe this is part of the master plan, the mystery of it all... that nirvana is there for the wounded ones - even though we all do everything we can to avoid it.

"Necessary Losses" is a book, and, I think, also a survival meme.

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