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The Global Identity Meme

by John
(Mountain View, CA, USA)

It must seem unnatural, or unsafe at some level. As we negotiate this moment in time, we still adhere to - actually CLING to our limited national identities.

It might be useful to wonder why?

National identities are artifacts of human development, just like language. For whatever reason (s), we feel the need to defend them.

But, interestingly, we sometimes learn second or third languages. We even encourage our children, and university students, to learn a new language.

So why not learn a new identity? Why not teach and learn global patriotism as a new myth, a new meme. A survival meme.

I wonder what trend, or new concept, would be needed for this shift to occur.

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Sep 29, 2015
Global Identity Meme
by: John

Also, relating to the global identity meme, I think we might want to examine the functioning of the United Nations.

Is this organization really doing its job? Is its purpose aligned with the intention of the earth? Are the participants enlightened???

What do others think?

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