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Beyond War

by John Burch
(Mountain View, CA)

War is Obsolete

War is Obsolete

The Beyond War video is a stark reminder how slowly and ineffectively we "learn" how to love. Here is a movement from the 1980's which discovered, over three decades ago, that all war had become obsolete. Nuclear war. Conventional war. All war.

This was the universal conclusion of over 40,000 volunteers working in many states in the US and many other countries around the world.

So why has this message been lost over the years? Even if it were difficult, one would think we would still being trying to bring this truth into reality.

But you never year much about it anymore. And our military certainly has no openness to this hypothesis. Nor does our government.

War is obsolete is a meme that needs serious, renewed attention, if we are going to survive as a species.

Right now!!

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